[CON] ¡Y se ARmó la Marimorena! Cybersecurity in Augmented Reality

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Two month ago Miguel and I were giving a two hours workshop/talk in Valencia about augmented reality mixed with cybersecurity and the objective of improving the physical places and documents security. Cybercamp is organized by INCIBE, “Instituto Nacial de Ciberseguridad” (National Cybersecurity Institute), which is an organization dependent on the National Ministry of Economy and Business with the aim of increasing the cybersecurity level in the digital market and cyberspace in Spain.

[CON] TizonaConf: Cybersecurity in industrial environments

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Day by day I’m getting used to going CONS on the weekends and the ones I like the most are the ones where I can feel a friendship mood surrounding the place and where people are open to talk, hangout and share. Last 17 and 18 of October I attended to TizonaConf, a newborn conference with that feeling I described…. and ¡IN BURGOS! I am so proud of being part of a conference which is teaching and sharing knowledge about cybersecurity in my region.

[CON] ¿Qué hay detrás de los mayordomos virtuales?

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Last Saturday, I was invited to talk about privacy in the x1RedMásSegura congress. This event aims to teach about the dangerous part of the internet and how to prevent the risks of surfing the net. This days are not aim to teach professionals how to use a complex technique or how to create a bombproof infrastructure, x1RedMásSegura wants to teach non technical people how to use the internet correctly and in a safe way independently of their technical skills.

[CON] Espías domésticos: A talk about virtual voice assistants

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This weekend I went Granada to speak in JASyP (Jornadas de Anonimato, Seguridad y Privacidad) about Virtual Voice Assistants. If you are near Granada or yo are curious about security and privacy, I recommend you to contact with the organization behind this event, @inter_ferencias. They are awesome! What I talked about? Some months ago Interferencias released the CFP of JASyP 2019. I already talked about Certificate Transparency there in 2017 and it was a great experience where I met awesome people.

[DIY] How to make a cryptex

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In my spare time I enjoy to start this kind of freak/crazy projects with my 3D printer. Particularly, I love to print locks in order to learn how they work. If I have time, I will try to post some other locks I printed, but by now, I prefer to write about my last project of this kind. During the last week I had some extra remote working days. That allowed me to start printing a cryptex.